Sensory Play – Under the Sea Themed Sensory Room

Sensory Play – Under the Sea Themed Sensory Room

During the summer of 2016 the NCS (National Citizenship Service) helped to redecorate the sensory room at the Kids Creative Studio in Manchester. Here is what they did.

We started with a Pinterest Board of inspiration for them to work from

They then went away to do some planning before redecoration day, to get an idea of the work that went into redecorating the sensory room I made a stop motion animation of them working (this actually took them the whole day!)

Sensory Installation

  • Fabric was used to create seaweed hanging from the walls and ceiling. The were lots of things for children to explore hidden in the fabric including musical instruments and pegs. The pegs meant that the children could add to the decoration by pegging more fabric in different places.
  • A giant octopus made from a Hulahoop and paper chains was a great interactive decoration as children were able to add to the chains, we used foam and velcro instead of paper to make this more sturdy.
  • A large fishing net was hung from the ceiling, with lots of balloons held on top. This helped to give the feeling of really being under the sea. The balloons were easy to get out to play with and throwing them back up again was a good challenge for the older ones.
  • Using foam and old CDs we created fish on the wall that could be changed and moved around.
  • The lightbox area was filled with sensory bottles and bags and small fish so that the children could really explore the different elements of the sea.


Messy Play & Art

  • Taking inspiration from the book the rainbow fish they created a sensory fish with lots of different textures on. Children were then encouraged to make their own using lots of mixed media techniques.
  • We used play dough to make fish and sequins for the scales. We also printed the textures of shells onto the play dough
  • We filled the tuff tray with plastic fish, sensory bags and slime. This was great fun once everything became slippy and a real challenge to pick things up for older and young children alike.
  • We used acrylic paint on foil to create underwater scenes. Using different paintbrushes and sponges helped us to create different textures, we then used different mixed media to add more detail to the scenes.
  • We used a tray of sand and shells for sensory exploration. Adding shaving foam to this made it like the foam you can get from the sea.
  • Using inspiration from Finding Dory we created paper plate fish.


Sensory Bottles

For a range of DIY sensory bottle kits visit my Etsy Store



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