Sensory Play, Fairy Tales, Sensory Room

Sensory Play – Fairy Tales.

For the theme of Fairy Tales Kids Creative focused on 4 different stories. Initially the sensory room was decorated as an enchanted forest and then extra props and activities were added for each of the Fairy Tales, these were:

  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Sensory Play Installation in the Sensory Room

  • Using the wooden tree; red, gold and black foil curtains, cardboard tubes and the lightbox along with sensory bags we created an area to explore the textures of a forest. The colours also reminded us of autumn leaves.
  • We used the Green rug and plenty of green cushions to create a meadow area in the sensory room. Adding Sensory bottles, windmills, plastic flowers, sponges and balls added colour and also provided lots of different invitations for children to explore.
  • Using a Hula-hoop hanging from the ceiling we draped more fabrics from it to create a tree trunk that children could hide in. This was great fun to run in and out of but also good for children who wanted a retreat from the main room.
  • Using felt and sponges we created some apple trees on the wall. children were able to pick the apples and sort the different colours. The red stools were made to look like toadstools and again the children were able to take the spots on and off as they were stuck on with velcro.
  • To make the sensory room truly look like a forest we used brown parcel paper to create trees around the room, we wrapped fairy lights around these to give it an enchanted feel.
  • The overall look of the sensory room allowed children to enter and explore the enchanted forest and enjoy the different fairy tales in a calming and magical environment.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

  • We created an area for the bears to sit at the table, complete with large, medium and small chairs and bowls to help children to understand the different sizes.
  • Using sensory bags as pillows (to be too hard, too soft and just right) and different textures of blankets we created a bedroom area in the sensory room, we then put a wig in baby bears bed to pretend that Goldilocks was still asleep in there.
  • We used porridge and paint to mix in the bowls for some very messy play, the children really enjoyed mixing the porridge into different colours. for the younger ones we got the tuff tray out and they were able to sit in it.

Little Red Riding Hood

  • The life sized wolf was a great addition to the sensory room, although some children were a little scared at first most wanted to play with it and care for it.
  • Children carefully carried the big tray full of cakes to Grandma, this was good for children to practise carrying something so big and to try and be careful with it.
  • The wolf mask was used for children who wanted to act out the story and be the wolf. We covered it with a blanket for the children to discover, just like discovering the wolf in Grandmas bed.

Hansel & Gretel

  • We used a pop up tent as the witches house along with lots of boxes to build so that children could make a house, the lightbox was turned red with crinkly paper on top to recreate a fire and toy blocks were used to make a trail.
  • We made witches potions in cauldrons with Gelli & Slime Play and decorated the houses with lots of ‘sweets’

Jack and the Beanstalk

  • We used plaited fabric to create a beanstalk that children could pretend to climb up and pom poms as seeds.
  • We painted paper plates and cut them out into long beanstalks
  • We created a tower in the clouds using building bricks and shaving foam, this was a popular choice with most of the children who loved trying to build them up, especially as they got slippy and kept falling down.

Sensory Bottles and Bags

Sensory bottles and bags related to the 4 Fairy Tales are available in DIY kits through my Etsy Store.