Sensory Play – Autumn

Sensory Play – Autumn

Autumn is a great time of year to use in lots of different sensory experiences and art activities. With the change in season, leaves falling from the trees, Harvest festival, Halloween and Bonfire Night there are plenty of ideas to explore.

Sensory Play Installation

  • Sensory Bags filled with leaves, waterbeads and hairgel on the lightbox. The lightbox works really well for changing the look and colour of the sensory bags and make them glow.
  • Autumn leaves can be used for loads of sensory activities including painting and rubbing. These large leaves were put into a sensory bag so that even young babies could explore them.
  • Using balloons and draped fabrics and brown paper rolls we made a ‘balloon pit’ in the corner of the room. We could even hide things in this for the children to find.
  • We decorated the room using lots of different fabrics and textures draped from the walls, some so that children could see through them and others were thicker. Some reflected the fairy lights we also used around the room. Tinsel and foil curtains were also used as these are really good for scrunching and making a noise.
  • A sensory bin including natural pinecones, acorns, bamboo, sticks and wicker balls. The magnifying glass is really good fun to help children to explore.
  • Pumpkins have a real autumn feel to them and remind everyone of Halloween. There are lots of different things that can be done with them from carving them to using the insides for sensory bins or a less messy sensory bag.
  • Wooden massage tools can be used to massage  children or to let the children massage you! The touch experienced during a massage can be really relaxing.
  • We used porridge oats to create another sensory bin with wooden spoons and jars as an invitation for children to play.

Messy Play & Art – Bonfire Night

We used lots of different brightly coloured paints on dark paper, shaving foam, masking tape and paint to create layers, felt-tips and chalk to create images of fireworks.

Sensory Bottles and Bags

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