About Me

As a teacher, a mother and an artist I find myself screaming from the rooftops:

“Let them play! If you want creative, independent adults who are in control of their emotions let them do that now. Stop with the structure, the control and the constant lessons and LET THEM PLAY!!! – In the mud, the mess and with the household objects that they love so much”

Kids Creative started through my own experiences of being a new mum and an art teacher in a special needs school, I wanted to create somewhere that people could come and be creative, learn and most of all have fun. I wanted somewhere open and inclusive where everyone was welcome. That is what Kids Creative became.

With mixed emotions The Kids Creative Studio closed down in March 2017. Sad that the studio would no longer be there but excited to be becoming a mum of 2 I started planning and changing my vision of Kids Creative – which has become Creative Sense.

I aim to continue to celebrate Creativity, Play and Art through Sensory Art Sessions for children and adults of all ages & abilities but also by putting more of a focus on my own Art and the practice of Mindfulness, making this accessible to all.

There are lots of plans for the future, but it all takes time,  especially with a baby! For now things will be a little more focused online but I am happy to deliver workshops, parties and one to one sessions.

I will be on maternity leave from 1st July 2017 till 3rd April 2018


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