Halloween Sensory Play – Aaaarrgghh Spider

Halloween Sensory Play – Aaaarrgghh Spider

For Halloween 2016 Kids Creative were invited to create a sensory installation for the Our Kids Social Halloween party.

We chose the book Aaaarrgghh Spider by Lydia Monks and created a giant spiders web in the sensory room.

Sensory Installation

The spiders web was made using lengths of fabrics and ribbons in different sizes and textures. These were wrapped around the room to create the look of a spiders web. Some were low down so people had to climb over them and some you had to duck under. This gave a really immersive experience and is also good to develop motor skills Amdram spatial awareness.

Using the light box we taped a silhouette in the shape of a spiders web to it. This gave an exciting alternative way to look at the spiders web.

The magnifying glasses are always a favourite within any theme. They were used here to look for spiders.

Hula hoops were wrapped in sticky tape to look like a spiders web, small plastic spiders could then be stuck onto them. These were hung from the giant web. This activity is good for practicing fine motor skills

Spiders were trapped in the web made out of a washing basket and ribbon

Ribbon and cds were hung from the spiders web. This added an extra visual element for young babies who would enjoy the reflections in the cds when they were moved.

We hung balloons from the ceiling creating the lion of spiders hanging from their webs. Children enjoyed hitting at the balloons and playing catch with them

Using metal containers and straws we created a kerplunk style game which looks like a spiders web inside. Threading the straws through the holes is hard for little hands and is a good fine motor activity

Plastic jars, mirrors and plastic spiders were used to catch the spiders

Drainpipes were used to recreate the nursery rhyme Insy Winsy Spider. Children can act out the nursery rhyme which is really good for language development. The drainpipes can also be connected together to make a giant floor puzzle or speak through them to distort your voice.

Messy Play

Using black play dough, pipe cleaners and googly eyes we invited children to make their own spiders. This kind of activity is really good at developing fine motor skills, creativity and confidence

Slime and basil seeds were used underneath the woollen spiders web for a messy play activity. Children enjoyed the texture of what looked like little spiders mixed in the slime