Sensory and Creative Play – A Celebration

That was the beginning of what is now Kids Creative, and still the drive behind everything I do – to create spaces and opportunities for children to develop their communication and emotional skills.

As a Teacher in an Autism unit I was trained in the SCERTS educational model.

SCERTS stands for Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports. The model developed by Occupational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists should be used across school, home and any other community settings or therapies children are receiving believes that a Childs Social Communication and Emotional Regulation development should underpin every aspect of a Childs education.

This model opened my eyes to how the current education system can make this exceptionally difficult to do, and also how important it is that all children should receive an education driven by developing their social communication and emotional regulation skills.

The third part of the model ‘Transactional Supports’ refers to the supports which are put in place to allow children to develop their skills by doing things that they enjoy, by bringing the lessons to them, not expecting them to come to us all the time.

That was the beginning of what is now Kids Creative, and still the drive behind everything I do – to create spaces and opportunities for children to develop their communication and emotional skills.

The studio is a drop in space aimed at all children. I am open during the week for baby and toddler drop in but also offer 1-2-1 sessions for children with Autism which can include a structured and targeted approach following the SCERTS model and an after school drop in specifically for children with Autism.

The Sensory Story Garden Project at Wythenshawe Park will be another safe space for everyone to use to develop conversations and emotional wellbeing as well as enjoying and exploring.

There are various resources that can be used on the website including SCERTS style lesson plans and a Mr Men Emotions resource to help children better understand their emotions.

But its not enough. I keep hearing teachers talking about how they are so restricted in schools now due to league tables and OFSTED. I speak to parents who’s children are being failed by the system teachers are so tired of adhering to and think something has got to be done.

I started up The Emotional Wellbeing Project hoping to spread the word of the benefits of play and the importance of developing emotional wellbeing but to be honest, I was preaching to the converted. The people who are interested are the ones who already know it and already do it. There are so many teachers and other professionals out there battling the system and doing what they know is best for the children they are working with and this needs to be celebrated.

I have decided to change the focus of The Emotional Wellbeing Project to be a celebration. A celebration of all the good things that are happening in different settings, the ways in which different people are working on creativity and play and as a resource for other professionals to come to for ideas and support.

So, if you would like to feature on the blog or have any comments please get in touch.

This is going to be an ongoing and changing project, alongside the Wythenshawe Park Sensory Garden and the Studio aimed at providing inspiration, support and resources to young people and those working with them.

You never know, maybe one day we will change the world.

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